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I started a blog about politics in 1999. Blogs became big. Then they stopped being big. Twitter helped recapture some of the fun blogs had lost. But sometimes you want more than Twitter. This newsletter will also at least try to explore more doubts and nuances than can safely be expressed in Tweets. I hate the editors’ term “fleshing out,” but I may try some of that too, if necessary.

Resume: I’m a neolib-turned-populist Democrat. (But be warned.) Started at Washington Monthly. Wrote for Harper’s, Newsweek, The New Republic, Newsweek again, Slate, Newsweek yet again, Daily Caller. I still think "The venerable liberal crusade for income equality is doomed. ... Time [to] try a different strategy,” which is what is on the cover of my book. The End of Equality. (Part of that strategy is to make sure people at the bottom of society can make a respectable living, though.)

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Mickey Kaus

Author, The End of Equality. Political writer for Washington Monthly, New Republic, Harper's, Newsweek, Slate, Daily Caller. Kausfiles blog started in 1999.